About Us

Faithful Friends Pet Memorial Faithful Friends Pet Memorial Services, LLC is a family owned and operated company serving Middle Tennessee and surrounding areas since May, 2000.   We specialize in large and small pet cremations, as well as horse cremations, and offer a dignified and affordable service to the Greater Nashville area. Our facility is located in Berry Hill, is licensed, and insured.  We are members of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, the Nashville Better Business Bureau, and are continued members of the International Association Of Pet Cemeteries and Crematories.  We uphold the Code of Ethics as described by the IAOPCC. Our caring staff, are devoted to earning each and every client’s trust and providing a service of dignity for all companions. We provide PRIVATE CREMATION, which has always been and will continue to be our approach to pet cremations. Our PRIVATE CREMATION offered is each companion is cremated one at a time individually. This has always been our practice as to insure the only your companion’s remains are returned home to you.

We have been an open door facility since our inception. The public is welcome to tour our facility, upon request, due to our variable hours, and view our process and state of the art equipment.  We offer free pick-up and return of your companion’s cremains to your veterinary clinic. Home pick-ups are available when special circumstances arise, or are pre-arranged.

For families wishing to bury at home, we will offer advice on how to do so to ensure your pet’s remains are undisturbed.  We also have a selection of markers and commemoratives for their special site.

“Faithful Friends provides an invaluable service for those of us who consider our pets as one of the family.”
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